New Duo Album “Another Journey”

I’m excited  to announce that my new record “Another Journey” is going to be released on October 30th, 2017.
This is a second release of my “husband and wife Duo” project with Kuriko Tsugawa.
Main concept for this duo project was to create organic and honest music without any over dubs.  On this record, our main theme was “Life” because we were expecting new life when we decided to do this record.
This record was recorded at our apartment in Queens, 1 month before our second child  was born. Kuriko’s belly was really big, and there was our 2 years old daughter watching TV in the next room, in addition there was occasional  street noise outside (of course it’s NYC) , so the recording was little challenging in a way..
Anyway, I’m very happy about how it turn out so hope you enjoy as well!