Kenny Shanker – The Witching Hour

I’m happy to share this new record by Kenny which I played on.
The band has been playing with same personel for more than 5 years and it’s getting real tight and unique.
According to Kenny, most of tunes on this record is about cat’s or food.
So if you consider yourself as cat lover or food lover, you really have to have this record! It’s cover is awesome too!

Here are a couple of reviews:
The Hippo
Lots of buzz surrounds this California-born jazz saxophonist. This, his third album as a leader, displays a rare gift for interpreting bop with such depth it´s like getting fitted for a hearing aid. You could hear a pin drop between his phrases, which often finish off with a casual trilling that´s as warm as the smooth compositions he’s put together with this quintet, which also features the well-rounded talents of pianist Mike Eckroth and guitarist Daisuke Abe, both of whom receive enough solo spaces so as to not sway the focus from Shanker’s sax. The signature move within these tunes is a straightforward, confident march of quarter-notes of various modalities. Amazingly clear voice here. A+ — Eric W. Saeger
Jazz Weekly
Kenny Shanker has a rich and full sound on his alto sax as he brings some vintage hard bop to the table with some originals. Teamed with Mike Eckroth, Daisuke Abe, Yoshi Waki and Brian Fishler, he drives with an upbeat “Kottinger Park” gets bluesy with Eckroth´s striding ivories on “Saturday, 2 am” and bops with hip delight to Waki´s pulsating bass on “Satin Ribbons.” His soprano sax glides with an easy cadence on “Cascading Lights” and snaps to Fishler’s high hat on the crisp “Lyra.” His tone is warm and lyrical, able to milk a passage during “Spring Flowers” and the moody “Cake Batter.” Impressive foray!
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